Review of the Cortez / Borracho split


The Grim Tower had this to say about the split 7″:

Borracho/Cortez – Split EP (2014) – This split only features two songs and isn’t a slew of black metal acts, for a change.

First, I’ve got is Borracho. Their track is called “Know My Name 4:40″ which seems to be dirty southern rock complete with 80% proof vocals and a bar-room ready atmosphere that’s good for mudding and banging your head to. The frontman isn’t the best vocalist I’ve heard, but it definitely sounds like stoned and drunk rock. Or rock to get stoned and drunk to.

The next band on the split is Cortez with “Vanishing Point 3:41.” They offer a faster approach to the same style of dirty southern rock, with vocals that I like here a bit more and a train chugging vibe with some interesting cymbal play that works well with the traveling vibe of the music. The bottom line is that these guys are certainly worth checking out, the solo section further hammering that. I’m definitely hearing a bit of Motorhead, Clutch and something else here that I can’t put my finger on. But whatever it is, it works.

I definitely think Cortez is the stronger band on the split, but definitely check them both out. Certainly good efforts from both of these beer-soaked acts. Great for drinking, smoking and shooting pool to.

(2 Tracks, 8:00)