Cortez appearing at NESDF2!

Friday May 3rd, we will be appearing at the second annual New England Stoner And Doom Fest at Altone’s in Jewett City, CT. We will be sharing the stage with some pretty amazing bands including; Set Fire, 3 Parts Dead, Pinto Graham, Witchkiss, Faith In Jane, Bone Church, Mourn The Light, Entierro, When The Deadbolt Breaks, Brimstone Coven, and Earthride. Tickets can be purchased here:

Cortez Threadless shop

Free shipping on Cortez merch at our threadless store with code: FREESHIP191

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SCOH9 on TheObelisk quarterly review

JJ at The Obelisk had some nice things to say about the Ripple Music ‘Second Coming Of Heavy; Chapter 9’ split with our buds Wasted Theory.

Speaking of which, we have an EXTREMELY limited number of said vinyl splits up on our Bandcamp. This release is already SOLD OUT, so when these few are gone, that’s it.

Cortez & Wasted Theory, The Second Coming of Heavy: Chapter Nine

Ripple Music‘s split series The Second Coming of Heavy hits its ninth chapter in bringing together Boston’s Cortez and Delaware’s Wasted Theory, and neither band fails to live up to the occasion. Cortez‘s range only seems to grow each time they hit the studio — vocalist Matt Harrington makes easy highlights of the opener and longest track (immediate points) “The Firmament” and the echo-laden “Close” — and Wasted Theory‘s “Ditchpig,” “Abominatrix,” “Baptized in Gasoline” and “Heresy Dealer” are so saturated with whiskey it might as well be coming out of their pores. It’s a decidedly North/South release, with Cortez rolling straightforward New England heavy rock through “Fog of Whores” and the Deep Purple cover “Stormbringer” while Wasted Theory dig with all good speed into a grit that’s more and more become their own with time, but there’s a shared penchant for hooks and groove between the two acts that draws them together, and whatever aspects they may or may not share are ultimately trumped by that. As Ripple starts to wind down the series, they continue to highlight some of the finest in heavy that the underground has to offer. One would expect no less.

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Live video of a new song

Can you believe it? We actually played a brand new tune in our sets this past weekend. Bill from Feed The Beast managed to capture evidence of the elusive creature. Here’s the second ever performance of the as yet unnamed song.

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Weekend roundup

Fun times this weekend!

CT, you showed us a great time last night. 33 Golden Street is a top notch rock dive and the staff are truly one of a kind. Thanks for your hospitality! Dwayne and SCENE Productions put together an awesome night (as always) and we were glad to be a part of it. It was great to play with the gents in When the Deadbolt Breaks, and F.T.B Feed The Beast again. Until next time.

Friday night in JP was a classic. The Midway Cafe and staff were great as usual. It’s always a treat, sharing the stage with our good buds in Set Fire and LORD FOWL (killer Thin Lizzy cover!). Good meeting the MICROWAVES dudes as well.

Our next show is January 12 at O’Brien’s in Allston. Until then, we’re heading back into the Cortez bunker to finish writing the next album.

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SCOH9 on The Ripple Effect

Xroadie wrote a short blurb about The Second Coming Of Heavy; Chapter 9 on The Ripple Effect. Give it a look, and pick up a copy for yourself up at one of our shows in November!

The Xroadie Files

The Second Coming Of Heavy Chapter 9 – Cortez & Wasted Theory

Cortez – Matt – Vocals, Scott – Guitar, Alasdair – Guitar, Jay – Bass, Alexei – Drums

The Firmament slow melodic melancholic guitar and trippy vocals just relax and enjoy the ride as it slowly grows heavier. Close grab a beer kick back and watch the band play as you move to the catchy music. Fog Of Whores is more of a fist in the air stoner rock classic style with loads of emotion. Stormbringer is an excellent version of the deep Purple classic get ready to rock.

Wasted Theory – Brenden Burns, Larry Jackson Jr, Andrew Petkovic

Ditch Pig slow and heavy with tons of reverb then a get up and fist pump as you sing along song. Abominatrix foot stomping fist pumping, get up and groove heavy metal. Baptized In Gasoline slow stoner blues hard rock that picks up the tempo as it goes back and forth. Heresy Driver fast get in your car crank up the tunes and jam on down the road music.

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Video clip of ‘Ride On’

Yesterday’s show at the Midway Cafe was lots of fun. Red Mantis, Feed The Beast, and Bossnova were on point. Thanks to everyone for coming out and showing the love.

Here’s a short video of us performing ‘Ride On’ from our 2012 self titled album, filmed by Bill Herrick.

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SCOH9 is record of the week at Pirates Press!

Stoner/Doom powerhouse Ripple Music is back with the ninth installment of the ten chapter “Second Coming of Heavy” Series, this time featuring Cortez and Wasted Theory! Serving as a showcase for some of the best and heaviest bands emerging from the underground, each installment shines a light on those worthy of your attention. With three different insane versions to choose from you won’t want to miss out on this limited release. Head over to the house of heavy, RIPPLE MUSIC!

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The Second Coming Of Heavy is released.

Get the Resurrection here.

Get the Risen Obi edition here.

Get the Ascension edition here.

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Scott interviewed on Talk About The Passion podcast

New episode is up! I talk with Scott O’Dowd about all things music from Sabbath to Foreigner to everything between and beyond. Scott talks about the various bands he’s been in including his current band, the excellent Cortez – Scott is the perfect guest for the podcast, his passion for music is lifelong and I’d love to have him on again.

Listen here,

or here.

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