Studio Update

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated the ‘ol website so here’s some information to fill you all in.

We’ve begun the process of recording our new album. Basic tracks were recorded December 5-7, 2014 at Q Division studios in Somerville, MA with Benny Grotto at the helm. Scott then laid down rhythm guitar tracks with Benny at Mad Oak in Allston, MA, followed by Alasdair a couple of weeks later. We’re hoping to have it finished by early Spring this year. Here’s a teaser of an as yet untitled new song while we were listening back to Alasdair’s guitar track.

Our song “Satan” used in episode of One Lungers

Our song “Satan” from our self titled LP has been used in an episode of One Lungers: Stories of Vintage Snowmobiling in Minnesota. The series documents snowmobilers who customize their sleds much like rat rodders did with their hot rods. Interesting and definitely fitting subject matter as Old Man Winter rears his ugly head.

Next show

We have a show this Saturday at O’Brien’s in Allston, MA.
Problem With Dragons
Give Up
Four Speed Fury

9PM 21+ $8.00

Facebook Event page


Vanishing Point in video for upcoming film Departed Harvest

The fine folks over behind the upcoming film Departed Harvest used our song “Vanishing Point” from our split 7″ with Borracho (which you can purchase through our Bandcamp page) in their new video. You can check it out below. They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign as well. If you’d like to help ‘em out you can do so here.

Split 7″ reviewed on The Ripple Effect


Cool new review of the Cortez / Borracho split 7″ courtesy of the mighty Swedebeast at The Ripple Effect!

Cortez – “Vanishing Point”

“Vanishing Point” is a very dangerous song to play if you’re driving. I drive a lot and I catch myself flooring it while headbanging furiously while listening to it, and that’s not a good combination. To hell with it though because “Vanishing Point” is a ferocious beast full of badass riffs which brings out the metal thrashing mad side of me…and I absolutely love it! It’s awesome to have Cortez back again. They’ve been kind of dormant for a few years, well at least on the recording front, but apart from this excellent split they also released a new full-length back in 2012. So here’s hoping to see more of these Bostonians, the world needs them!

You can purchase your very own copy here:

Review of the Cortez / Borracho split


The Grim Tower had this to say about the split 7″:

Borracho/Cortez – Split EP (2014) – This split only features two songs and isn’t a slew of black metal acts, for a change.

First, I’ve got is Borracho. Their track is called “Know My Name 4:40″ which seems to be dirty southern rock complete with 80% proof vocals and a bar-room ready atmosphere that’s good for mudding and banging your head to. The frontman isn’t the best vocalist I’ve heard, but it definitely sounds like stoned and drunk rock. Or rock to get stoned and drunk to.

The next band on the split is Cortez with “Vanishing Point 3:41.” They offer a faster approach to the same style of dirty southern rock, with vocals that I like here a bit more and a train chugging vibe with some interesting cymbal play that works well with the traveling vibe of the music. The bottom line is that these guys are certainly worth checking out, the solo section further hammering that. I’m definitely hearing a bit of Motorhead, Clutch and something else here that I can’t put my finger on. But whatever it is, it works.

I definitely think Cortez is the stronger band on the split, but definitely check them both out. Certainly good efforts from both of these beer-soaked acts. Great for drinking, smoking and shooting pool to.

(2 Tracks, 8:00)


It lives! The Cortez / Borracho split 7″

Copies of the new split 7″ with our brothers in rock Borracho have arrived on US soil! The records are safe n sound at Borracho HQ in the nation’s capital. The official release date is April 10th. These bad boys will be available in translucent green, translucent purple, and black vinyl and feature artwork by Matt Corrado. The killer label AM Records from Japan is releasing these. We will have our copies on April 19.

Cortez / Borracho split 7"

These are available for pre-order from us directly through our Bandcamp page. If you can’t wait for the physical copy you can also download the song in your choice of formats.

Review of split 7″ on Uber Rock

The fine folks over at Uber Rock had some nice things to say about our new split with Washington DC’s Borracho out soon on AM Records.

Borracho/Cortez – ‘Split’ (AM Records)
“As for the Cortez contribution, this Boston act kick in with a fuelled up rocker as ‘Vanishing Point’ disappears out of the rear view mirror. This is my pick of the two on offer here and this release has opened my eyes to a genre that never really appealed to me until now, I must investigate further and so should you.”

You can read the full review here.

New song – new vinyl!

Check out our new song “Vanishing Point” from the split 7″ with our blood brothers, Washington DC’s Borracho. The limited edition vinyl — 500 copies available on black, green and purple vinyl and with original artwork by DC artist Matt Corrado — will be released on Japan’s AM Records in April. Both tracks are streaming and vinyl pre-orders are available now on our Bandcamp page.

Review of Cortez s/t from Lords Of Metal had this the following to say about our self titled double LP:

They have the beards, they radiate the F.O.A.D. attitude but above all they have that killer groove in their sound. It had been over five years ago that their actual debut was released on the Belgian Buzzville Records label, but like the band is saying that was another time, another place and another band. They have outgrown that band and are derailed from its tracks. You could say they fled from it. The Cortez of 2013 has released their same titled album with a more crystallized sound and they scraped the flesh of the bones of that old style and re-invented their approach: nasty rock’n’roll, infectious riffs and a dirty guitar and vocal sound! The drums demands a head part beside of the awesome solo’s. Please do not be startled when you hear comparisons with bands like Kyuss or Queens Of the Stone Age. They actually do sound like their annoying dirty nephew! With a festival like Roadburn just in my system, this is really a great appetizer for the edition of next year. Even if it’s just to hear songs like ‘Until We Die’, ‘Monolith’ and ‘Northlander’ played live.