Cortez LP on Heavy 20 Best of 2012

A little more year end love for Cortez. We scored the #16 slot on Nuclear Dog’s top 20 of 2012 at

#16 Cortez – “Cortez”
Full of weighty riffs and scorching solos, the vocals on “Cortez” are deft and deadly. The album is chock full of songs that range in sound from huge, heavy, and deliberate stoner/doom onslaughts to psychedelic odysseys of mind sharpening adventure with bits of punk, speed metal, eighties hair band epics, and much more thrown in for varietal effect and enjoyment. Cortez are especially adept at creating melodies that are impressive and memorable, displaying a strong ability to mold songs that pull you in quickly, deeply, leaving an indelible impression that won’t soon go away.
Favorite Song – “Nice Try”