Upcoming shows
02/03/18O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/David Age & the Regrets, Test Meat, Phenomenal SunMap
Past show archive
10/21/17Pistol Pete's Bar & GrillNorwich, CTUSA6:00pmCT Metal-con 2017w/When the Deadbolt Breaks, Buzzard Canyon, Holding On To Nothing, Denim Panther, Oxblood ForgeMap
10/20/17Ralph'sWorcester, MAUSA9:00pmw/Hemi Devils, Bottlefight, Birch Hill Dam, DerailerMap
10/13/17The Midway CafeJamaica Plain, MAUSA9:00pmw/Buzzard Canyon, Z/28Map
09/23/17DuskProvidence, RIUSA4:00pmForge Festw/Churchburn, Summoner, The Humanoids, Red Mantis, and more.Map
07/08/17O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmThe Depths Below release showw/The Humanoids, The FU's, +1Map
05/20/1713th Floor Music LoungeFlorence, MAUSA8:00pmw/Left Lane Cruiser, Crowrider, BottlefightMap
10/21/1613th Floor Music LoungeFlorence, MAUSA9:00pmw/Roadhorse, Goddamn Draculas, CrowriderMap
10/15/16The ChürchBloomfield, VTUSA7:00pmw/Scissorfight, Buzzard Canyon, Ol' Time MoonshineMap
09/17/16O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmCortez 10th anniversary showw/Titans Of Industry, Hey Zeus, Pretty PennyMap
08/06/16O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/Wasted Theory, Geezer, Birch Hill DamMap
08/05/16The Grand VictoryBrooklyn, NYUSA8:00pmw/Mighty High, Wasted Theory, GeezerMap
08/04/16The TuskPhiladelphia, PAUSA7:00pmw/Wasted Theory, Heavy Coughin, Double PlanetMap
06/23/16Firehouse 13Providence, RIUSA8:00pmw/Black Pussy, Oxblood Forge, Heavy Necker Map
10/16/1513th Floor Music LoungeFlorence, MAUSA9:00pmw/Oxen, Birch Hill Dam, Pretty PennyMap
07/19/15O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA2:00pmGrub, Sweat & BeersMap
06/26/15T.T. the Bear's PlaceCambridge, MAUSA8:00pmThe Under's CD Releasew/Await Rescue, The Under, Das MuerteMap
06/05/15Lucky 13 SaloonBrooklyn, NYUSA8:00pmw/Mirror Queen, Borracho, The Brought LowMap
05/02/15Cook's CafeNaugatuck, CTUSA8:00pmw/Burrows, Gasoline Therapy, EntierroMap
04/25/15Geno'sPortland, MEUSA9:00pmw/Torn In Two, BabelfishMap
03/14/15O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/Second Grave, Shatner, The Heave-HoMap
02/27/15Ralph'sWorcester, MAUSA8:00pmw/The Jack Widows, The Cretins, Give Up!Map
02/21/15Waterfront TavernHolyoke, MAUSA9:00pmw/Oxen, Birch Hill Dam, No WindowMap
10/02/14Ralph'sWorcester, MAUSA8:00pmMetal Thursdayw/The Scimitar, Faces Of BayonMap
09/27/14O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA9:00pmw/Problem With Dragons, Give Up, Four Speed FuryMap
09/12/14Ralph'sWorcester, MAUSA8:30pmBirch Hill Dam album release showw/Birch Hill Dam, Second Grave, Faces Of Bayon, The Moulten LlamaMap
08/10/14Middle East UpstairsCambridge, MAUSA9:00pmw/Whores, American SharksMap
08/09/14RPM FestGreenfield, MassachusettsUSA1:00pmRPM Fest invitation only eventMap
05/03/14Ralph'sWorcester, MAUSA2:00pmThe Eye Of the Stoned Goat IVw/Sixty Watt Shaman, Kings Destroy, Ogre, Lord Fowl, Beelzefuzz, Second Grave, John Wilkes Booth, Set, Birch Hill DamMap
04/26/1413th Floor Music LoungeFlorence, MAUSA8:00pmw/Titanis, Super Killer Robots, Problem With DragonsMap
04/19/14Velvet LoungeWashington DCUSA9:00pmCortez / Borracho split 7" release party!w/Borracho, Valley Of the SunMap
03/21/14O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ The Humanoids, Tired Old Bones, The Heave HoMap
10/04/13RadioSomerville, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Automatic Death Pill, Pants Exploder, Jack Burton Vs. David Lo PanMap
09/14/13EganstockMontgomery, MAUSATBDEganstock VIIIMap
05/18/13The PinchWashington DCUSA8:00pmw/ Borracho, Weed Is Weed, Wasted TheoryMap
05/17/13The StationPhiladelphia, PAUSA8:00pmw/ Borracho, The Company Corvette, Infernal Overdrive, When the Deadbolt BreaksMap
04/27/13The Railroad TavernKeene, NHUSA4:30pmw/ Birch Hill Dam, Ichabod - ALL AGES!Map
04/26/13RadioSomerville, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Cult 45, Infernal Overdrive, RozamovMap
04/05/13Silk City MusicFlorence, MAUSA9:00pmw/ Jesse & the Rippers, Nice Try, Unicorn, Give UpMap
03/08/13TuskNewport, RIUSA9:00pmMetal Friday's at Tuskw/ GonghenMap
12/07/12Silk City MusicFlorence, MAUSA9:00pmw/ Uncomfortables, Ancient Power, Damn BroadsMap
11/10/12O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA9:00pmw/ Rozamov, Brahmanda Map
09/22/12O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA9:00pmw/ Black Pyramid, Birch Hill Dam, Heaving MassMap
09/21/12Silk City MusicFlorence, MAUSA9:00pmw/ Planetoid, Hessian, Problems With Dragons, RozamovMap
08/03/12RadioSomerville, MAUSA9:00pmw/ Summoner, Rozamov, VaporizerMap
05/05/12O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ White Dynomite, Mighty High, Cult 45Map
03/31/12RadioSomerville, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Dead Friends, A.M. Stereo, GymnasiumMap
12/16/11RadioSomerville, MAUSA8:00pmw/ The Scrooges, Double NinesMap
12/09/11Hank's SaloonBrooklyn, NYUSA9:00pmw/ Mighty HighMap
11/19/11O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Riff Cannon, Olde Growth, KunzMap
06/18/11Cake ShopNew York, NYUSA8:00pmw/ Mighty High, Sun Gods in Exile, GuntMap
04/02/11Great ScottAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Cocked 'N' Loaded, Infernal Overdrive, Cheap LeatherMap
03/04/11Moosup VFWMoosup, CTUSA8:00pmw/ Orange Diesel, Swim the Mind, Gracefully FallenMap
01/08/11O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Pistol Shot Gypsy, Sonic TitanMap
09/25/10O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Cocked 'N' Loaded, The Crimson Electric, Birch Hill Dam, BlackwolfgoatMap
09/24/10The CharlestonBrooklyn, NYUSA8:00pmw/ The Crimson Electric, Mighy High, MaegashiraMap
07/10/10New Wave CafeNew Bedford, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Pistol Shot Gypsy, Wolfbane, Train of ThoughtMap
06/19/10Club Oasis / London BilliardsWorcester, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Birch Hill Dam, Kanerko, Gozu, Vicious CycleMap
05/08/10O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Black Pyramid, Let the Night Roar, Blue AsideMap
04/10/10Hank's SaloonBrooklyn, NYUSA9:00pmw/ Federale, Mighty High, Kevin OmenMap
04/03/10New Wave CafeNew Bedford, MAUSA8:00pmw/ The Usual Madness, Pistol Shot Gypsy, Name in Vain, By Blood AloneMap
03/12/10The El 'N' GeeNew London, CTUSA8:00pmw/ Abstract by Design, IchabodMap
01/16/10O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Infernal Overdrive, Owl Watcher, BlackwolfgoatMap
11/20/09Hank's SaloonBrooklyn, NYUSA9:00pmw/ The Brought Low, Battle for Wyoming, The StagsMap
10/24/09O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ The Resurrection Sorrow, Birch Hill Dam, Blue AsideMap
10/09/09Harpers FerryAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ The Upper Crust, Cocked 'N' LoadedMap
09/06/09Krug's PlaceFrederick, MDUSA3:00pmStoner Hands of Doom Xw/ Solace, Sixty Watt Shaman, Against Nature, Elder, White Witch Canyon, Nitroseed, Black Pyramid, Electric Magma, Black Cowgirl, Centrifuge, NagatoMap
08/23/09The El 'N' GeeNew London, CTUSA4:00pmAmped for the Endw/ Ichabod, MaegashiraMap
08/22/09Krug's PlaceFrederick, MDUSA8:00pmAmped for the Endw/ Ichaboad, Maegashira, When the Deadbolt BreaksMap
08/21/09O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmAmped for the Endw/ Ichaboad, Maegashira, When the Deadbolt BreaksMap
07/28/09O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Superpower, CropdusterMap
06/13/09O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Born of Thunder, Ledyard, To the WolvesMap
02/13/09O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ We're All Gonna Die, Riff Cannon, JavelinMap
11/14/08The Abbey LoungeSomerville, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Cocked 'N' Loaded, Hot Black, The SpoilersMap
08/29/08Mojo 13Wilmington, DEUSA8:00pmDrinking Beer & Sharing Gear Tourw/ We're All Gonna Die, SolenoidMap
08/28/08The Red and the BlackWashington DCUSA8:00pmDrinking Beer & Sharing Gear Tourw/ We're All Gonna Die, Solenoid, BorrachoMap
08/26/08Scully's PubErie, PAUSA8:00pmDrinking Beer & Sharing Gear Tourw/ We're All Gonna Die, Solenoid, Cotton Candy, Sound City SaintsMap
08/25/08The Mohawk PlaceBuffalo, NYUSA8:00pmDrinking Beer & Sharing Gear Tourw/ We're All Gonna Die, Solenoid, Low Road RevivalMap
08/24/08Valentine'sAlbany, NYUSA8:00pmDrinking Beer & Sharing Gear Tourw/ We're All Gonna Die, SolenoidMap
08/23/08Dover Brick HouseDover, NHUSA8:00pmDrinking Beer & Sharing Gear Tourw/ We're All Gonna Die, SolenoidMap
08/22/08Geno'sPortland, MEUSA8:00pmDrinking Beer & Sharing Gear Tourw/ We're All Gonna Die, SolenoidMap
06/21/08Middle East UpstairsCambridge, MAUSA8:00pmDrinking Beer & Sharing Gear Tourw/ We're All Gonna Die, Solenoid, GozuMap
06/05/08T.T. the Bear's PlaceCambridge, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Township, Pet Genius, Handsome JackMap
05/10/08Middle East UpstairsCambridge, MAUSA8:00pmGozu CD Releasew/ Mess With the Bull, Hackman, GozuMap
04/07/08Harpers FerryAllston, MAUSA8:00pmRock 'N' Roll Rumblew/ Andrea Gillis Band, Daniel Bon & the Future Ghosts, Wild ZeroMap
01/31/08O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ GozuMap
01/25/08Amigo'sPortland, MEUSA9:00pmw/ Eldemur KrimmMap
01/17/08ChurchBoston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Angels of Meth, Presley, IdentifiedMap
01/04/08Geno'sPortland, MEUSA8:00pmw/ Ogre, RoadsawMap
11/03/07Centre CulturelTintigny, RossignolBelgium6:00pmBuzzfest 2007w/ Brant Bjork & the Bros, Monkey 3, Hypnos 69, Cabron, SolenoidMap
11/02/07Muziekcentrum NijdropOpwijkBelgium6:00pmBuzzfest 2007w/ Brant Bjork & the Bros, Monkey 3, Hypnos 69, Cabron, SolenoidMap
10/20/07ChurchBoston, MAUSA8:00pmSchliecherfestw/ Roadsaw, Throttlerod, Mess With the Bull, The Humanoids, R.C. Crimewave, White Horses, CropdusterMap
10/05/07Geno'sPortland, MEUSA8:00pmw/ Ocean, Cryptic OvercastMap
10/03/07Model CafeAllston, MAUSA8:00pmMap
09/13/07Harpers FerryAllston, MAUSA8:00pmB.L.O.W.W.w/ Caged Heat, HugeMap
08/25/07The Basement at the Baseball TavernBoston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ The Humanoids, RPG, Village of Dead RoadsMap
08/24/07Geno'sPortland, MEUSA8:00pmMaine Stoner & Doom Fest 3w/ Solace, RPG, A 1,000 Knives of Fire, Eldemur Krimm, We're All Gonna DieMap
08/16/07Middle East UpstairsCambridge, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Mess With the Bull, Motherboar, SolaceMap
05/19/07The AsylumPortland, MEUSA8:00pmw/ Eldemur Krimm, Cochise, IchabodMap
04/07/07Amigo'sPortland, MEUSA9:00pmw/ Ogre, Tides WithinMap
03/28/07The DelanceyNew York, NYUSA8:00pmw/ Solace, Drugstore CowboyzMap
02/17/07Amigo'sPortland, MEUSA9:00pmw/ Eldemur Krimm, HackmanMap
02/16/07Pub 33Lewiston, MEUSA8:00pmw/ Ocean, Taming the ShrewMap
02/07/07Model CafeAllston, MAUSA8:00pmMap
01/15/07Middle East UpstairsCambridge, MAUSA8:00pmw/ The Bakerton Group, Never Got CaughtMap
01/06/07Geno'sPortland, MEUSA8:00pmw/ Ogre, Hackman, Ruler of the Raging MainMap
12/08/06Krug's PlaceFrederick, MDUSA8:00pmw/ We're All Gonna Die, Sad Wings of Destiny, The HumanoidsMap
11/18/06The AsylumPortland, MEUSA2:00pmMaine Stoner & Doom Fest IIw/ Conifer, Ocean, A 1,000 Knives of Fire, Supersoul Challenger, Sea of Bones, Hovel. Ol' Scratch, We're All Gonna Die, Ruler of the Raging MainMap
11/17/06The LinwoodBoston, MAUSA7:00pmRedneck Festw/ Quintaine Americana, R.C. Crimewave, Blood, Sweat & Gears, Random Road Mother, Hixx, Jimmy Hank WilliamsMap
11/11/06The LinwoodBoston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Dixie Witch, The Humanoids, The Murder MileMap
10/28/06O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ Cocked 'N' Loaded, Headed for the Smoke, Black ChromeMap
08/24/06The LinwoodBoston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ The Vershok, Hackman, Dead PegasusMap
07/01/06O'Brien's PubAllston, MAUSA8:00pmw/ We're All Gonna Die, The Humanoids, Devil to PayMap
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