The state of Cortez address

First off, thanks to the show Heavy Gauge on CHRY at York University in Toronto for the airplay over the last few weeks. They play all sorts of Stoner and Sludge on Thursdays from 1-3PM (EST). You can listen online at

Second, we have a new show coming up on November 19. We will be playing at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, MA with Riff Cannon and Olde Growth. This should be a good one as both of those bands slay. We will definitely be playing some new songs, so we are pretty excited for this. Here’s the facebook invite, if you’re so inclined.

Third, we have been busy at the Cortez compound recording and mixing demos of new material. We may post one or two of them here when they are complete, or we may just release the whole demo.

Finally, there may be some news regarding the release of the long rumored new album in the not too distant future. Keep checking back for more details as they become available.